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The Kooler FAQ's

What is the Kooler?

How does it work?

How much liquid does The Kooler hold?

How big are the shaker bottles?

Can I mix powders like proteins, carb powders, creatine and BCAA's in the outer reservoir?

Do both shaker bottles come with lids? And what do I do with the extra 2nd lid?

How long does the Kooler stay cold?

Can I use the Kooler without the shakers?

Can I use any other brand shaker bottles?

Is the Kooler dishwasher safe?

Is the Kooler BPA free?

Where else can I purchase the Kooler?

What is the difference between the Kooler 1.0 and 2.0?


Where do you ship to?

How long before my order arrives?

Do you ship to Canada?

Has my order shipped?

Tracking #?