What is The Kooler?

The Kooler is the World's only Kooler within a Kooler. Designed by Stan "Rhino" Efferding, the Worlds Strongest Pro Bodybuilder to keep all your pre, during and post workout drinks separated inside one ice-cold container. 

Energize, Recover, and Rehydrate with the Kooler! 

How does it work?


How much liquid does the Kooler hold?


-The Kooler is 1.3 gallons. The outer reservoir holds 1 gallon and the shaker bottles take up the
other space. 


How big are the shaker bottles?


-Each shaker bottles hold 23oz


Can I mix powders like proteins, carb powders, creatine and BCAA's in the outer reservior?


-Yes. You can mix anything you want in the outer reservoir and keep it cold with ice water.


Do both shaker bottles come with lids? And what do I do with the extra 2nd lid?


-Yes. The Kooler includes 2 shaker bottles and 2 complete lids. This 2nd lid can be placed in your gym bag if you choose to use both shaker bottles during your workout. Some people uses 1 lid for both shaker bottles.


How long does the Kooler stay cold?


-The Kooler is an insulated double-walled container that can be kept cold for hours depending on the amount of ice used.


Can I use the Kooler without the shakers?


-Yes. A separate leak proof cap allows you to use just the Kooler with or without the shaker bottles.


Can I use any other brand shaker bottles?


-No. The Kooler shakers are customized to fit the Kooler threads to prevent leaking.


Is the Kooler dishwasher safe?


No. The Kooler is not dishwasher safe. We suggest rinsing each parts in the sink. 


Is the Kooler BPA free?


-The Kooler is BPA free and manufactured in compliance with International WalMart standards. 


Where else can I purchased the Kooler?


The Kooler is sold in all Europa Sports retailers in the United States. International distribution coming soon.